Yenisey at Kyizyil

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Latitude: 51.72°Distance to Outlet: 3486.00
Longitude: 94.40°Yearly Min: 1926
X EASE-Grid: 4165651.00Yearly Max: 1999
Y EASE-Grid: 320529.00Number of Years: 71
Drainage Area: 115000.00 km2Percentage of Coverage: 96%
Drainage Area Effective: 115000.00 km2Percentage of Coverage by Month: 95%
Source: SHINotes: "The drainage area is probably 300-400 km2 larger because total DArea of upstream gauges is 115100km2"
Gauge Altitude: 615.50

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Summary Statistics

Standard Deviation48.3744.4646.03170.21503.51782.53525.64382.61249.63149.3563.6256.00141.69
Coefficient of Variation0.

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PointID Latitude LongitudeDrainage AreaSource Name
6548"Bol'shoy Yenisey At Kara-Khak"51.88324040SHI20.00
6555"Maly Yenisey At Kyzyl"51.72327799SHI2.00

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