Taz At Krasnosel'kupsk

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Latitude: 65.75°Distance to Outlet: 398.00
Longitude: 82.25°Yearly Min: 1971
X EASE-Grid: 2652044.00Yearly Max: 1975
Y EASE-Grid: -360927.00Number of Years: 5
Drainage Area: 87200.00 km2Percentage of Coverage: 100%
Drainage Area Effective: 87200.00 km2Percentage of Coverage by Month: 28%
Source: SHINotes:
Gauge Altitude: 5.50

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Units: mm m3/s

Summary Statistics

Mean    0.300.    
Standard Deviation     
Max    0.540.    
Coefficient of Variation    0.760.800.680.54     

Time Series Data

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
1971    0.540.260.070.03     
1973    0.420.    
1974    0.030.01       

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